The realities of mastering your life

I’m sure everyone has seen quotes that say things like: “5 Signs You’re Living Good — [1] you woke up this morning, [2] you have a roof over your head, or [3] your bills are paid”. But is that really the standard for living a happy and fulfilled life? You will run into a lot of people your age, or older, who would identify happiness as having everything together by a certain time in their lives. Or that they work at least 40 hours a week because they know exactly how much money they’d make after

America’s hesitation with aiding its citizens

Since Hurricane Katrina, many Americans have questioned the loyalty of the government. It’s been reported by Emily Atkin of “The New Republic,” that in 2017, Hurricane Katrina relief estimated somewhere around $160 billion. Hurricane Maria between $40 to $80 billion, $65 to $100 billion for Harvey. But, where is this money going? There’s no doubt that a lot of the communities that have been hit have been densely populated by lower-income families, families without homeowners insurance and a vast

Speaking the truth about racial bias

Since 1982, there have been 92 mass shootings. In 2017, 1129 people have been wrongfully murdered by police officers. These numbers have been steadily climbing since the 80s and do not seem to be slowing down. But what’s triggering these outbursts? There’s an article recently published on Huffington Post that quotes Dr. Pricilla Dass suggesting that if you grow up in an environment where you’re consistently told that you are superior to another race, then you begin to believe those things.  The

A guide to time management as a college student

If there’s one thing students and young adults agree on, it’s about being able to manage their time between being a full-time student, having a successful social life and being a productive member of the working class. In 2015, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce cited that in recent years, more than 70 percent of college students have worked while being a full-time student. That isn’t a steep number when comparing it to later years. But is this bad news for the generat

Representation Matters

As children, the most inspirational thing that could be placed in front of us were people that were most like us. Whether that be our parents, our friends, characters on television or people that we see in professional settings. This is a matter that should be addressed more. Representation is one topic that nobody seems to care enough about until they’re the ones being misrepresented. We’ve all seen movies and television shows that improperly cast their characters and give people who have no kn